Independent Women

A tailored financial approach based on who
you are and your areas of interest.

  • Long-term Relationships: We work with over 30 independent women ranging in age from their early 40’s to over 90 years of age.
  • Advice and Guidance: We help guide women through many different types of transitions, including death of a spouse, divorce, and career changes or helping them plan to provide for parents or special needs children.
  • Planning based on your needs: Our custom planning process helps identify assets in the household and invests them to generate cash flow to meet specific needs, as well as providing the necessary conservative, long term growth needed to minimize the chances of outliving their money.
  • Advocates for your success: We take the time to listen to your most important goals and help you develop those goals. We provide the resources and foundation so you not only accomplish those goals, but have the time and confidence to enjoy life.